I have been writing about my love of Tree Porn for years. I am going to go out on a limb and proclaim first use of the term “tree porn”. Yes. Yes I am claiming it. I am not even kidding. (I also am pretty sure that I used it BEFORE this date on message boards…just saying.)

{Side note: This is based on a search for the term using dates. If you know a specific way to search this kind of stuff I would love to know. Because being the first person to use the phrase tree porn would be a VERY cool thing to put on my resume.}

So way back in 2007 I wrote about tree porn and I have been writing about it and embracing it ever since.

All of that aside – I am happy to see some amazing and beautiful trees on this October 1st. It’s going to be a great month of stunning colors. I am teaching W to look for the change in the leaves so our drive to school in the morning is full of, “Look! There is an orange one!” Or the best, from this morning, “I spy some red leaves. I SPY THEM EVERYWHERE!”

Let me know when you post your own tree porn photos as I love them so. (who doesn’t?)

And yes, you may congratulate me on creating a fabulous term.

(ZOMG! This totally happened today!)

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