Oh. RIGHT. I’m in the middle of an FET cycle. Well maybe not “in the middle”, but I am in the process. I forget how opposite of proactive an FET cycle can be at this point. It’s mostly just a lot of moments where I tend to reminders on my phone at noon reminding me to take my 2nd estrace pill of the day.

Tomorrow I go in to the clinic to have bloodwork and a lining check ultrasound. So all of a sudden I’m all, “DOH! Forgot to be anxious about this!”

I consider that a very good thing. I am really quite good at being obnoxiously anxious. It has never served me well. For the last two weeks I have been super busy with many work projects and weekend adventures and taking classes online. I haven’t put STRESS at the front of my brain.

Is there now a small twinge of, “well sheesh! I hope everything looks ok tomorrow!” happening? Sure is. But every single time I have that twinge I just tell myself to hush. It’s all going to be fine.

I’ve got hugs from W. I’ve got infinite support from my Mom. I have you guys. Whatever happens in the next couple of weeks I will make it through.

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