Why yes that is my phone on my lap. And yes I have checked it several times to make sure that my signal is ok to receive a call. And of COURSE I have checked and double checked that my ringer is on.

This morning I had baseline stuff at the clinic. My ultrasound seemed good (certainly good enough to not warrant any of the delays that I have had in previous trying cycles) and the blood tech didn’t remember me. Which means that I can make a fresh start.

{This was the tech that tsk’d in this sad little way whenever I sat down in her chair for my ectopic blood labs. Not getting a tsk was lovely.}

So I wait. Any minute or hour a nurse will call with my lab results and if all looks good I can get my directions to begin.

This is going to work perfectly this time. I am optimistic. I am hopeful. I am ready.

There are great things to distract me this month. There is a brand new season starting on Saturday. Peppermint mocha creamer should start to show up on the grocery shelves ANY day now.

Just waiting. For that phone call…

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