I first noticed the preview for the new NBC show, The New Normal, sometime this summer. Immediately I honed in on the characters and the front and center plot of a couple beginning their family in an alternative way. A show about a family that causes you to question not only “what is a family” but also “how do families begin” sounded intriguing.

Then I saw that the parents and creators of the show were Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler. Ryan is probably a name you immediately recognize from Nip/Tuck and Glee fame. But Ali you might not instantly know. Ali is the ex wife of Sara Gilbert (yes, from Roseanne). Together they created and parented children.

This means that the storyline was in good hands, familiar hands, been there/ done that hands. I was on board.

I watched the premiere episode earlier this week and loved it. Last night was episode two and the magic was still there.

OBVIOUSLY there is lingo and moments that will make anyone that has been through fertility treatments sigh. The world will never stop using the word “implant” incorrectly.

There are also moments where you will gasp and think, “holy shit! Did they just SAY that?? On tv?!!” It’s biting and smart dialogue.

Yes, there are stereotypes of many character types in the show – but as I found myself gasping with laughter over some of the VERY un PC stuff coming out of Ellen Barkin’s Nanna’s mouth I realized that in my life? I know these people. I was laughing because in the midst of total and complete OMG dialogue I recognized truth.

For those of you that don’t know the story, and I will be brief here as I don’t want to spoil any plots, it follows the creation of a family. A woman and her Grey Garden’s quoting tween becomes connected with David and Bryan who are on a quest to become parents.

One of the reasons that I was so excited about the show in the first place is that I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a normal family. My family doesn’t look like your family and your family doesn’t look like your neighbor’s family and your neighbor’s family doesn’t look like my family. And yet? We are families.

[And a family doesn’t mean “must come with a child”. When my Mother and Grandmother and I lived together we were a family. We were a package – all of us connected and combined.]

My son’s family is not “normal”. He lives in a multi-generational home. He has a Mama and a Lolly and a Mary (our cat) and a Marsh Road (our car). He is loved. THAT is normal.

I wish this show so much success because I want more people to see new normal families.

Have you watched the show? What did you think? Here is an extended preview:

image in post from The New Normal press material found online

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