At the beginning of the summer I created a mellow, free-flowing, the world would not end if we didn’t do everything “Summer Bucket List“.

With today being the last day of our summer I thought I would revisit the list and see how we did.

(most of our adventures happened within the last few weeks…so NOW you know why I haven’t been blogging so much!)

The most special (and unexpected moment) of our summer was going to a family reunion to connect with a distant cousin of my Grandfather’s. (Her Grandfather and his Grandfather were brothers.) My Grandfather was an only child, and his father was an only child. It was surreal to be at a park pavilion with all of these, for lack of a better word, RELATIVES.

Summer Bucket List

• Go to an aquarium – DONE

• Go to a movie – We saw a movie AT the aquarium (so not entirely DONE, but done-ish)

• Go on a picnic – DONE

• Eat watermelon outside – DONE!

• Accept every invitation to go swimming DONE (although we did have to turn down more opportunities than I would have liked)

• Go to the ocean – DONE

• Go to a boardwalk – DONE

• Spend the night in a hotel and wake up and immediately put on swimsuit – DONE

• Pick a place with a funny name on a map and drive there – DONE

• Camp out in the living room – TO DO

• Take a train trip – DONE (if you count the subway)

• Airplane trip? TO DO

• Water ice – DONE

I think I managed to pack in an actual summer of memories for W. Considering we navigated around my work schedule, conference obligations, Mom’s work schedule, an ectopic pregnancy, and W’s summer school schedule I think we did pretty darn good.

Here are some of my favorite images from our summer:

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