It has been a very long, difficult, hard, emotional, and OHTHANKGOODNESSITISOVER kind of week. I started the week freaking out about work stuff (just your basic struggle of a single Mom trying to do it all and not succeeding). In the beginning of the week I also threw out my back and was in a state of pain for days. And have I mentioned at all that W is in a new phase of his threeness?? OMG. THREE IS HARD.

Oh and I had my HSG yesterday morning. It was just as uncomfortable and painful as I remembered but more so because of back pain. I just got off the phone with my RE and she has declared me totally clear to cycle again. Of course there is a massive relief that everything in lady town is all clear. I had some fear that there would be something wrong – a reason for the ectopic to have happened. But turns out it was just bad luck. Seriously bad luck.

I am cleared to try next cycle. So I will.

More about that later.

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