caregiving ad by ad council
There is a new ad promoting awareness for caregiver’s fatigue. The first two times I watched the ad I cried. Oh man did it hit home. Seriously.

This ad was created by AARP and today they are having a chat on twitter about caregivers.

I am not working for AARP or involved with the twitter chat, but I will be there. Listening. Maybe sharing my story. Maybe responding with a, “I know what you mean.”

I’m going to be talking a lot more about elder care, caregiving, and Alzheimer’s. I am pushing myself to work more and more on the book and to do that I need to dive back into the world that I was in for so many years. Not that I have forgotten. I can never forget. But it is helpful to remind myself that I DO have answers that can help people. I do have suggestions or points of reference. I may not be an expert on many things – but taking care of a loved one at home? I can write a book on that!

I signed up to walk in the Philadelphia Walk to End Alzheimer’s on November 17. And then I decided I can do more than walk. I can lead a team. So I started a team. (haven’t asked anyone else to join it yet…so I should get on that!)

Last night I watched Brian Williams talk about the new ad and the message about how caregivers suffer in silence as there is so rarely anyone to talk to when the going gets tough. I am lucky. Sure I was lonely on most days if not all days. But I had a place to go with my loneliness. I had a place to put my words and receive comfort in return. I never felt like my sadness was done in silence. Seeing the statistics of caregivers just in the US alone makes me worried. Who is taking care of the people that are taking care of people?

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