Was that you?
In the hallway just now?
Rushing to the elevator?
We sort of lobbed our business cards at each other because we had a one minute conversation at the sugar station and in that one minute managed to establish that we TOTALLY needed to know each other better?

I think that was you.


We didn’t get a lot of time to talk because ZOMG there are so many amazing people here, right?

Here’s how you can know for sure that it was me:

1. I was tall (could be me)
2. I had a name tag on that said “Dresden” (not being snarky – I actually made a cute name tag!)
3. Look down – were there plaid boots happening? Probably me.
4. Was I standing next to a short broad with hot pink hair?
5. Did I having a wild eyed panic attack? Might have been me. Please smile at me!!!

If we don’t get a chance to chat at BlogHer how about I share a few things about myself, speed date style with you now. If you are new here from the conference please let me know – and make sure to leave the URL to your site so that I can go get to know you better. If you attend one of my blog audit sessions keep me posted on your progress. Couldn’t get into the session? Don’t worry! I have a treat to share in a few days.

So. Hi. I’m Dresden. I used to be Calliope, but you can read about why I am not anymore.

I started blogging in 2005 because I wanted a proper place to share my story as a single woman trying to have a baby on her own. I thought writing about going to the doctor and selecting a sperm donor would be helpful to other women. I didn’t expect it to be so helpful to me. The road to creating motherhood was a very long one and it was actually the internet that helped get me pregnant. (my son was born in 2009)

The internet was also where I shared what was going on in my life between my struggles to have a baby – that would be the nearly seven years that I took care of my Grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. There have been many personal tragedies that the internet has helped me through.

The internet has also been there to witness my triumphs. I will never forget the day I blogged that after over a year and hundreds of job applications my Mother had been hired.

We are all connected. You have been a witness to my life.

I hope we get to have more than a two minute conversation if I see you. I hope that if/when we meet you get how truly thankful I am to connect with you. Blogging makes my world go ’round.

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