The Toddler Whisperer
So everyone knows about the baby whisperer, or the idea of it. What happens when they get more mobile? What happens when they start potty training? You don’t need a baby whisperer anymore. You need a toddler whisperer to deal with toddler behavior.

The Toddler Whisperer is visiting the blog on Monday!

I have also talked her into hanging out here every couple of weeks. The reason? Toddlers are HARD WORK. I am constantly running to this friend for advice. And her advice is always (ALWAYS) perfect. I just can’t keep it to myself anymore.

I asked a few friends if they had any questions for the Toddler Whisperer and, as you can imagine, THEY DID. She selected two to answer and they will be here in a post on Monday. (it’s good stuff. not even kidding.) (and by good I mean one question is about poop and another is about sleep)

Which brings me to this:

Got Toddler? What are your questions?

Seriously. Ask anything and if the expert is able to answer it, she will.
You can leave your question in the comments, or if you want/need to be more anonymous you can e-mail them to me. (address is over there in the sidebar)

(I’ll tell you more about who the toddler whisperer is on Monday.

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