After daily commute to school listening to our first mixed cd it was time to get some fresh tunes. W and I went through my itunes and landed on a more advanced playlist. He is very into asking, “is that rock and roll?” Obviously because his favorite song is I Love Rock N’ Roll so he needs to know before he proclaims fondness for a song, “is it rock, mama?!”

This mix shows his new appreciation for songs with repetition. Tom’s Diner is a song he asked me to play on repeat five times and now he flies through the chorus of do do do do’s. The Black Keys song is something we heard ages and ages ago on WXPN and he flipped for it. repetition.

The highlight of this mix is the beginning of his Beatles education. Of course I played The Beatles when he was a tiny guy, but now he is really listening. These are his first two favorites. So I am making a note of it.

Toddler Playlist: Version 2

The Cars — You Might Think
Susanne Vega — Tom’s Diner
Salt-N-Pepa – Shoop
MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
The Beatles — Love me Do
The Knack — My Sharona
House Of Pain — Jump Around
Cars 2 Original Soundtrack –Collision of Worlds
The Beatles — Yellow Submarine
The Black Keys — Howlin for you
Men Without Hats — Safety Dance
R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People
Lipps –Funkytown
Starship — We Built This City

*OBVIOUSLY some of the lyrics and themes in a few of these songs are just a wee bit advanced, so, um, just a heads up there.

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