I don’t have a proper or fancy spice rack. I have a shelf. An open shelf in my little galley kitchen. I have what I consider to be a pretty good collection of spices. It’s probably medium in size. It’s a nice rack. (if you will)

Here’s what I realized last night: every single spice. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Expired.

I’m not talking a month or so ago, not even a year. Nope. Seems like 2010 was the year all of our spices died.

My impulse is to trash them all. (I totally just heard my Mother gasp.) I can’t find anything online that says consuming expired spices is bad. It can’t be good but so far most searches are about packets of ranch dressing, not bottles of cumin.

So what would YOU do if you were in my shoes? Keep the spices and slowly replace? Chuck them all now and slowly replace? Use them and become possible radioactive? Find someone to marry on eHarmony and register for a swank new spice rack?

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