While I am still working on my bucket list for summer with my family, I also have started realizing that there are some things that have made this summer pretty nice and while it is still one million degrees out there I thought I would share in case you wanted to give any of them a whirl (or share your own bucket “stuff”).

Summer Musts

I have rediscovered tictacs. Somewhere my Mother is laughing. When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with orange tic tacs. She once dated a very nice guy and honestly I do not remember much about him except that he played the harmonica and he brought me tic tacs. Smart guy.

I saw these JUMBO orange tic tacs a few weeks ago and, as we do, impulse purchased them at checkout. But the jumbo-ness of them didn’t sit well with me. The flavor wasn’t what I remembered. I realized that I couldn’t go back and reclaim it if things had changed so much. Then I saw that there was a new flavor – a flavor that I dig – green apple.

Now I have tried green apple gum before and it has been a disaster as the gum was actually a mint gum with a hint of green apple. WTF?! No. Not acceptable. So with trepidation I decided to give the green apple tic tacs a try. I am in love.

Butterscotch is my autumn. Peppermint is my winter. And now green apple is my summer. (no idea what spring is)

Corn. Watermelon. Whatever. I thought floss picks were for old ladies. These have turned me into a competitive tooth brusher. Not even kidding. I brush and then use a pick and feel SO triumphant if things turn up clean. More often than not I missed stuff. There is NO WAY you can get it all. And I am a horrible flosser the traditional way. (Horrible meaning I owned floss, I never used it.) This I can do.

So now that I got the flossing over-share out of the way…tweezing. Yup. The light is better than your bathroom and the rearview mirror or the vanity mirror in your sun visor will become your new best friend. Be prepared to freak out at first inspection. I keep a pair of tweezers in the car. (And some of my closest friends do as well)

Many months ago Mother asked me to pick her up a specific kind of face powder at target. That brand was next to the super-duper on sale bucket so I took a glance and found this Revlon foundation. I used to wear bare minerals but once my jar (that lasted forever) was empty I never purchased anymore. On a whim I scooped up the Revlon and decided to give it a try. It is awesome.

I am someone who has panic attacks in the heat so I often opt to not wear makeup if I know I am going to sweat. I keep this in my purse, blot my face with a paper towel, and then brush this on. It has a york peppermint patty thing going on. I do not know how – but it cools my face down. It is super light – I can cover my entire face or just parts where I am red or broken out.


The last thing on my bucket list for the summer was to call the clinic and find out WHAT NEXT. I have a phone appointment scheduled with my RE for the week after BlogHer.

Ok – now it’s your turn!

What are your favorite discoveries this summer?

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