my mother has white hairI have been so excited about going to get my hair done this weekend. SO EXCITED. I have no problem going the boxed color route, but there is something very luxurious about having a professional dig in. My hair, the hair that is underneath the color, is (OH WOW I AM GOING THERE) white. Not grey. Not brown. My hair is growing white.

You have met my Mother so this white hair business should come as no surprise. I just asked her when her hair went white and she says, “in high school”. That my hair is now coming in as this pale, pale silver so late in the game is a wee bit of a victory. Right?

I honestly can’t wait until I let my hair just BE in all its snowy glory, but I am not ready. Nope. Not yet. I want it red.

So as my hair has grown in lighter and lighter the boxed kits have churned out results that are lighter and lighter and the next thing you know my head of hair is sort of an ombre situation. I wanted the dark auburn color at the bottom of my hair to match the now light copper-red happening at the roots.

celebrities with light red hairI scoured the internet for photos to bring in to show the hair colorist. (I bet they hate when people do that.) But how else does one convey, “THIS! This is the color I want!!” without a photo to gesture towards?

These are the three celebrity red heads that I brought in. They are all very similar but the one thing they have is that they are a lighter red instead of a darker red. I showed the photo, we talked about highlights, and then we were off. Mounds of silver foils flew by, potent smelling paste was brushed on, I sat in a chair with a timer ticking next to me, and then everything was washed.

You guys know I have super thick hair, right? I have so much hair that I sometimes get a headache if I wear it down. There have been times where a person at a salon will finish a trim and then pull out a hair dryer and I just sort of chuckle and begin the countdown. It usually happens around the 5 minute mark and it usually begins with, “oh! Look at your curls! Let me show you how to style your hair to accentuate the curls!”

Because it only takes five minutes to realize that my hair EASILY takes 2 hours to blow dry.

This is why when I left the salon Saturday it was with mostly damp hair with mousse tousled in. I had no real idea what the color was. As my hair air-dried I was still side tracked by whatever the mousse was doing. I figured after a shower on Sunday I would have a true sense for the majesty of my hair.

When I saw it I tweeted:

I am still on the fence.

Mom says, “you look beautiful”, but they are programmed to say stuff like that. I just see, well, I see that it is not what I wanted. So even if it DOES look ok I just see fail.

Meh. There are larger issues in the world and I won’t spend more energy on having a feeling about my hair. But here it is:
on the fence about my new hair color

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