It happens pretty often, I tweet some random “help me!” remark and then advice flows in. I learn all kinds of things on the internet. Sure there are search engines, but those are connected to answers from strangers. Getting advice or a tip from someone who is in your follow list is altogether different.

I even ask twitter what to wear:

Keeping track of things that I learn on-line is not something that I have been good at, but I want to be better. That is why I am now going to do my best to document all the stuff going forward. Feel free to share the best things you have learned on line.

Here are my favorite things that I learned on the internet:

coffee will get rid of bad smellsHow to get rid of ANY funky smell

Place coffee grounds (unused) in a jar in the room/ area with bad smell. In an hour the room will be 100% better. I know perfume counters have used a jar of coffee to cleanse the olfactory between sniffs of fragrance. I have also seen coffee beans in public restrooms – much preferred over potpourri.
This tip was from someone who was married to a trucker and hated the smell of gasoline.

get rid of kitchen ants with mintHow to get rid of kitchen ants

Place fresh mint in the corners of your kitchen and in the sink. For some reason ants hate mint. We have lots of mint in our yard so this was a very happy solution. I found this from searching for “natural ways to get rid of kitchen ants”.

I went through about half a gallon of white vinegar before looking for another solution. Skip the vinegar and go directly to the mint!

get rid of stinky feet with dryer sheetsHow to fix stinky shoes overnight

W and I are both wearing (and loving) our Keens this summer. I rinse them out when I remember but sometimes they just stink. You know. That HORRIBLE, awful, what the HELL is that smell, oh my gawd it is coming from your FOOT!!!!! smell. I have no idea where I heard this tip, but I moved a small box of fabric softener sheets into the playroom (aka the place where our shoe closet lives) and when we take off our shoes I put a sheet inside them. It doesn’t take the place of a good washing, but it does fix the immediate foot stench situations.

What has the internet taught you?

There is no tip or trick too large or too small to share. Also – if you have a question in need of a solution feel free to ask it. Maybe someone out there has the answer! (yup, this is a lazy Sunday’s version of my old Open Advice call)

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