There are now milllllllions of posts about BlogHer  2012 going live around the web right now. At this point most of the posts seem to be about what to wear. (See? I even succumbed to pleading for you for advice on what dress to wear for the Community Keynote…by the way, my dress is on its way!)

The goal, obviously, when attending a giant conference is to look good. Wait. Forget “good”, the goal is to look GREAT.

Here is where I tell you that looking great is probably not going to happen for me. I am hoping for at least one night of looking great, but I am more hopeful that what I share on the stage is great. I do, however, want to stand out. I want to not become just a blur of a blogger when someone meets me. I want to be remembered – but only for good reasons.

My anxieties about the conference:

1. I am worried that I will not remember someone’s name or know someone’s name – especially if they know MY name.
2. I am worried that I will not recall some massive event or moment in a person’s life and do something stupid like asking them about their beach house (totally forgetting that their beach house washed away)
3. I am worried that I will enthusiastically talk over someone and have my enthusiasm mistaken for rudeness
4. I am worried that I will overstep in my geek lab when I help someone achieve design nirvana
5. I am worried that I will miss out on something because I didn’t plan well
6. I am worried that the conference will be chock full of pregnant ladies or new moms babywearing and I will shut down.
7. I am worried that people will talk about pregnancies or new babies and I will have to abruptly leave
8. I am worried that I will sweat. A lot. (like the kind of sweat that makes me overshare about my thyroid)
9. I am worried that I will try too hard to make someone laugh/ like me/ understand me
10. I am worried that I will talk too much about W. (thusly becoming the woman I am afraid of in #6 and #7)

So I want to be noticed. And obviously the best way to do that is to have accessories that inspire conversation. (right?) This is why I decided to set out to create a list of accessories that would make me stand out. (and, ha ha, I can’t afford any of them – but let’s not let that little fact stop the day dream, mmmkay?)

Chunky Plaid Cuffs

Funky Bird Pin

Boot Earrings (sadly, not plaid)

Plaid Laptop Case

I know, super simple, and just a start for the day dreaming…

(In other news I am going to get new hair tomorrow.)

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