waiting to see the doctor in well roomThis morning was W’s 3 year old wellness exam. We are truly lucky that going to the doctor is not something we do often. We are also truly lucky to not be stressed about insurance for W.

I have prepared W for this morning for a few days now. He is very interested in “getting bigger” as he often hears, “sorry, you can do that when you get bigger.” I told him that today we were going to find out just how big he is.

{Also? Whenever he asks, “how do I get bigger?” I tell him SLEEP. heh.}

He was fantastic at the appointment – it was all a game for him with his favorite being the eye exam. (phew! That has not gone well for us in the past.)

The quick stats are:
• He is tall
• He is normal weight (but the doc wants us to switch to fat free milk instead of 2%)

Our health concerns at the moment are his allergies. The doctor remarked on his “blue circles” and “halo of blue” under and around his eyes and we talked about upping his allergy medicine. This is a known issue with W – it has been ever since his school sent us running to the doctor with a, “he could have pink eye!” alert. Turns out it wasn’t pink eye, but excessive draining from his eyes due to hay fever.

We went over the dose that W should take (have to base it on his size instead of his age) and see if the increase helps. If it doesn’t, something more aggressive will need to be prescribed.

The doctor asked W all kinds of questions: how old are you, who is that person sitting next to you, can you stand on one leg, where do you live… W eagerly answered the questions and seemed to enjoy being interviewed. The doctor commented on W’s articulation – she said they are happy if a stranger (in this case the Doctor who is not familiar with the child’s speech) is able to understand 75% of what a three year old says. She could understand everything W said.

His speech has improved a lot just within the last few weeks – and not just how he says things but WHAT he says. He has these complex thoughts about a million different things and I can not tell you how exciting it is to get to know him better just following his logic. His negotiation skills are insane. His questions blow my mind. It is awesome.

As we were driving to school after the appointment and I was telling W how proud I was for his behaviour at the doctor’s office, he said, “And now we go to the other doctor?”

I asked, “what doctor is that?” and he responded, “The baby doctor – the doctor that puts the baby seeds in Mama’s tummy.”


I explained that it would be a while until we could afford to do anything with the baby seeds again. He pouted a bit and then said, “oh man! Money!”


But I have to say that W is such a lovely and sweet and kind and thoughtful boy makes my whole life infinitely better. If I am never blessed with another child I will be ok. I will be sad, oh I will be hugely and probably forever sad, but I will be ok.

(and I just realized I forgot to update you guys – my beta is officially zero}

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