toddler with sunglassesNow, more than ever, I feel like every single thing that happens in W’s life is being saved up in his memory bank. He is able to recall moments from last summer in a hazy sort of way, but enough to make me realize THIS summer is going to be one that really counts. This is the season to begin the traditions.

When I was growing up summer meant day camp at the YMCA or hanging out in my Grandfather’s office reading. For my friends it meant elaborate trips and plans. I don’t recall being envious at the time. It probably wasn’t until I went off to university when I realized that I felt like I had missed out. I didn’t really have a tradition.

“Oh my family always goes to ______ during the summer!”

I want to start the first always for W. It’s time.

Here is our Summer Bucket List:

• Go to an aquarium (can be Baltimore, can be NJ – just as long as we go)
• Go to a movie (we went to see Wall-E when it was rereleased a month ago, I want to make going a “thing”)
• Go on a picnic (they do this all the time in Word World so it is on his mind)
• Eat watermelon outside (we did this last year and he still remembers it)
• Accept every invitation to go swimming (need to figure out when he can start lessons and where)
• Go to the ocean
• Go to a boardwalk
• Spend the night in a hotel and wake up and immediately put on swimsuit
• Pick a place with a funny name on a map and drive there
• Camp out in the living room
• Take a train trip
• Airplane trip? (not sure about this one)
• Water ice

I am really focused on trying to make the aquarium and a beach vacation happen. Logistics (timing, money, WHERE?!!) are my hurdles. I just need to pick a beach place and make it work. So far I am looking at the Cape May or Ocean City area. It’s not like it’s easy to find by searching, “awesome and safe and fun place for a single mom to go with her toddler son to be joined later by Grandmother”.

So let’s talk summer traditions, because I don’t want to skip over anything. Did you have trips or activities that you always did with your family growing up? Are you doing those same things with your family now?

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