plus size body shapes
I care about fashion. I do. PROMISE. My problem is that usually fashion doesn’t care about me. I can flip through catalogues or dress racks and find infinite outfits that I would love to wear. Sadly these outfits are just not available to someone with my ample hourglass.

Big girls want to look good. We DO. When we see another big girl out in the world looking fabulous we can’t help but gravitate towards them to find out – WHERE??!!! Where did you get that shirt? Those pants? That dress?

Lately plus sized fashion has gone in two directions. There are clothes that enhance and show off our figures and then there are clothes that punish or exaggerate our proportions.

Have you seen the shirts with elastic at the waist? Do you know who looks great in that shirt? People at the end of their 2nd trimester. Why on earth would a larger sized woman want to stretch elastic across one of the widest parts of her body allowing a balloon of fabric to poof out?
plus sized shirts

I am now in search mode for things to wear to BlogHer in August. I have a lot going on at the conference: I am leading two geek sessions, working a few hours in a booth, and then speaking on stage. I don’t want to stress out about looking ok. I simply want to look great.

Last year I was leaning towards black and white (or navy and white). This year, after all the dark that I have been through, I want to be bold and in living color. I am looking at one of these dresses from Igigi to be THE DRESS.
what should I wear

I now need to focus on casual stuff – things to wear during sessions, when I am in the booth, and when I am doing blog audits in the geek bar.

Suggestions, input, ideas are welcome!

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