If I have learned one thing about politics from my years of watching The West Wing it is that things in Washington are messy. If someone had asked me, “what do you think about the farm bill?” I would have shrugged and said, “um…I don’t farm.”

Except the Farm Bill is more complicated. Somehow, attached to this bill, is something I care VERY much about. Food stamps, aka SNAP benefits.

Right now congress is working on The Farm Bill. By working I mean they are looking to see how they can make cuts. And by making cuts I mean millions of families and children will suddenly find themselves without the help that they so desperately need to live, to thrive.

I have a connection to SNAP and the food stamp programs of America because my family was once a “client”. We depended on the monthly allowance to make it through some very hard times. The program was a trampoline to help launch us to security. If the program is cut or reduced lives will be in danger.

Please take a moment and read up more on SNAP in The Farm Bill and get involved.

Links to explain The Farm Bill

Share Our Strength: How to get involved
Feeding America: Map the Meal Gap (check out your state)

Share our strength

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