blogger and sonYesterday was the blog design panel at Digital Family Summit in Philly and I really enjoyed it. We had several young people in the audience who had great questions. We also had a teen poet’s parents there asking design questions on her behalf. (She was in another hands on workshop) Thank you to those that left great comments to my “what if I blogged as a teen?” question.

One of the wonderful themes within this new conference was the support that happened within families. I heard teens supporting their parents and pushing them into expressing themselves online. I heard parents talking about how they just handed their child a video camera and suddenly the kid is a you tube sensation.

I loved that Mom brought W to join me for lunch so that he could see just a small bit of what it means when I am “away at a conference”. Seeing so many of my internet/ blog friends in both parent and work mode was pretty special. Perhaps the coolest moment was watching all of the tweens and teens, children of blogging parents, bond and become instant friends.

I think children of bloggers grow up in a different way. (I called them “children of the swag” at the conference yesterday.) And those of us blogging our way through the choppy waters of infertility and find ourselves on the other side as a parent have been telling our story since the very idea of our family existed (and for many of us that would be years before actually becoming a parent).

Our children, because they are the story of us, have people all over the world invested in them, caring about them, rooting for them. This is not the norm. Chances are most of your child’s peers don’t have a parent that blogs.

I will confess that meeting a child of a blogger sometimes feels like meeting a kind of celebrity. This conference did a great job normalizing that. I overheard conversations between children yesterday that went a little something like this,
“is that your mom over there?”
“she blogs?”
“so does my mom!” “cool!!”

The kids are all right.

After the sessions there was a great keynote by Dave Carroll – do you know his story? Watch his video, United Breaks Guitars, and be prepared to love him.

Later in the evening we all went outside to watch a breathtaking fireworks display that made me fall in love with Philly all over. I really can not describe how happy I am that this place is our home.

It’s a new month. Happy July!

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