3 generations of app usersThe first iphone I had was a 3g and I was able to purchase it because of my grandmother’s cousin. Mother and I were on a super tight budget and we never would have splurged on such a thing as a PHONE if we didn’t have help. Because that is really all we thought we were getting – a phone. Big deal.

Except the iphone was beyond that. As I kept vigil by Millie’s bed at home and later at the nursing home I used the iphone to keep in touch with (and grounded by)friends. I used it to play word games with Mom. Mom used it to job search and apply for jobs.

There were lots of apps in the early days that wowed us and helped us through.

W now uses my old iphone (I’ll tell you how to make a kid-friendly iphone later in this post.) and I have a 4g. Mom uses an ipad (yup, the one that I won for her last year) and pretty much only uses her “old” iphone as, well, a phone.

We are ALL about the apps. Three generations of app lovers. I asked Mom to share with me her favorite ones and I will also share W’s favs as well as my own.

1st generation: Lolly’s favorite apps

• Mahjong Towers
• Photogene
• Songza (new favorite)
• Netflix

2nd generation: Dresden’s favorite apps

• Tweetbot
• Realtor
• Pulse News
• Around Me
• Waze

3rd generation: W’s favorite apps

• Toca Boca apps (especially Robot Lab)
• Stop & Go
• Talking Carl
• Stella & Sam Stories
• Garbage Pickup

I know not everyone is an app person or a mac person, but if you are I’d love to know what your favorite apps are in your family. If you are not in the app world – what do you imagine would be your “dream app”?

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