health careOn November 8, 2009 I posted a photo that made me ridiculously happy.

I actually wrote quite a bit about health care in 2009 because it was something I was dealing with daily. Not only did I have my own post pregnancy issues, but I also was actively involved in the management of Millie’s care. I was worried about whether or not my infant son would continue to have care. I also had waded the waters of some pretty crummy health insurance issues.

Let’s Talk Insurance

What the AARP is saying about healthcare reform

Learning Curve: Maternity Coverage

Quality health care should not be a political issue. It does not matter who you vote for behind the curtain if you are sick. Pay attention to what is going on this morning with the news about the Supreme Court reading. Pay attention and get involved. If you are satisfied with your health care I give you a high fives, but like hunger, chances are someone you know is in need.

I’m watching CNN right now and anxious.


Huffington Post ObamaCare
image from front page of Huffington Post

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