on the road to Type-AThis past weekend I attended my first Type-A parent conference. Previously this conference was held in Asheville, NC but this year it was relocated to the easily accessible Charlotte, NC. And by “easily accessible” I mean that Cecily, Lynette, and I were able to drive there in under 12 hours.

Road trips with the right kind of friends is great. Lynette’s van had mifi, satellite radio, and loads of room to roam if I wanted to. On the way down I was able to work, car dance, and eat my fair share of twizzlers.

I have been to several conferences now as either a blogger or a sponsor. This was the first time that I was a sponsor that was a blogger. This means that while I spent 90% of the conference working behind a table in the expo hall I was able to connect and talk to people and bloggers that I have known online for a while. It was a completely different dynamic. (you can read a bit more about that experience in Cecily’s Mom Crunch Post)

My favorite parts of the conference happened in the in between pockets. There are these unscripted moments where the right person is sitting next to you at the right time and amazing conversation just happens. Working within and loving social media and the online world is one thing – but it can be lonely in the “real world”. Sharing fried pickles with someone who is just a nerd about the articles in mashable as you are is a gift. The “let me explain why I find this awesome” part of the dialogue can be skipped.

(you can click the images to make them larger)
more of my photos from Type-A

This weekend I will be speaking on a blog design panel with my friend Jo-Lynn at the Digital Family Summit. I am really excited about this particular conference because a lot of it will be geared towards teens.

Random question for you: If you started blogging as a teenager what would you write about? How would you want it to look? Would design matter to you as much as content?

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