walking build a bear bunnyI was very happy with how our Father’s Day went this year. Making the choice to talk to W this year in more detail about the different kind of parents and different kinds of families was the right one. It goes beyond “some families have two dads and some families have one mom” – it was also about how women are called Mothers and men are called Fathers.

Gender stuff is still really weird for him (for lack of a better word). I love that there is no clear divide right now. His closest friends are girls and he refers to them as “he” or “him”. As in, “he is going down the slide”.

But to get to the, “you are Bunny’s parent, you are Bunny’s Father” place eventually happened. We talked about love and care and why he I consider W to be a good parent. I loved seeing pride wash over W’s face within my praise. His ability to love and express love is something I admire and I wanted him to know that. Love is the foundation of greatness.

To celebrate W’s wonderful parenting Bunny gave W a new monster truck.

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