in the car with cecily and lynetteBy the time you read this I will have arrived to North Carolina for the Type A conference. It was about a ten hour drive that lasted about thirteen hours because of the add-on chaos pre travel. (nothing too crazy – just a forgotten part to the monitor we need for our booth and an exploded laptop battery*)

By the time we got on the road it felt like we had already done tons of travel, but my road trip mates (Cecily & Lynette) and I blasted 80’s music and talked about cute celebrities and made pit stops for twizzlers and salad bars.

Lynette’s van was the perfect road trip vessel. We had satellite radio, mifi, tons of cup holders, and plenty of room to move about the cabin. I managed to get some work down from the comfort of the back seat and we waze’d* our way all the way to Charlotte.

Tomorrow we will begin our booth set up and receive the shipment of some cool swag we are handing out (I am excited about it – but I am a dork) and later there is dinner with friends. I am hoping to find some pockets of time to rest and decompress.

The hardest thing about getting ready for this trip was making sure W was going to be ok while I was away. There was arranging for a babysitter after school and then arranging for a friend to take him to school in the morning. This is the first time I have had a sitter at the house so I also went to town making sure things were sitter ready. (this mostly meant writing down the detailed directions for how to get Mighty Machines to play and where the good snacks were)

Random notes:
• I got something in my left eye yesterday and it is so sore and irritated. I have been very annoying asking people if my eye looks “really red”. But seriously – it hurts.
• My ankles are soooo swollen after the epic time spent in the car. Ugh. I now have them propped up.

* It was not my laptop
* Waze is a social navigation app that I have probably mentioned before, but in case I haven’t, that is what I am talking about.

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