#vlogmomHoly video, batman! Two vlogs in one week?! YES. I have no idea if you guys are digging these vlogs or if they annoy the crust off you (please feel free to let me know in a kind way), but they are fun for me to do. (aka – I will probably keep doing them.)

This week the topic was: pick three songs that have an emotional memory for you. I knew immediately what three songs to pick. Of course there are tons and tons and TONS of songs that are attached to memories. Bushel and a Peck will forever be a tapestry of a song that connects my relationship with Millie to my relationship with W. Ben Folds sings a few songs that make me smile remembering road trips with friends. Entire albums by Coldplay or Tori Amos take me pack to specific moments.

If you had to have a theme song or song that was on the soundtrack to the story of your life what comes to mind? (MIXED TAPE MOMENT!)


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