huh?So my beta had dropped to 900 something on Saturday. This morning I got labs done at my local clinic. An hour ago I got a voicemail that said, “Your beta is 1,100 which is a drop from your last beta. Come back for repeats on thursday.”

When I got labs this morning I dropped off my paperwork from the ER that had my HCG test results – the one that said 900 something. (I am such an idiot for not making a copy or taking a photo of the papers before just leaving them with reception.)

I called the clinic and left a message all, “um. math? Confused. Did you not get my ER paperwork? Did my beta go down and then go up?”

Because that? Would SUCK.

I’ll update when I hear back.

(I know this is all pretty dull for most of you guys, but chronicling every inch of this journey is keeping me on the sane side of town.)

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