Quickly writing an update because how could I not share all of the excitement that has happened over the weekend?!

So. Where were we?

Oh right I was going to get some bloodwork done while I was in California. My clinic wanted me to get labs on Saturday but the only appointment I could get out here was for late Friday afternoon. Close enough.

I had a horrible time figuring out how to get from where I was working to the lab but ultimately I got that sorted out. I got a shock when they informed me that the labs they were about to run were nearly $800. SERIOUSLY?? I had them only draw blood for one test (the HCG) and listened to the tech grumble about how she was going to have to write a note on my labs explaining, “patient refusal of order”. ha. You bet your syringe I refused.

I was told the labs would be at my clinic by Monday morning.

Saturday morning I got a call from my doctor. Verbatim it was, “Honey, you need to go to an ER right now.” My beta had gone up. She said that they expect some variation of numbers, a +/- situation, but there was no doubt that there was a “significant increase” and that a “rupture could happen if I didn’t seek help immediately.”

Luckily I had spotted the local hospital across from the blood lab on Friday so I knew where to have the cab take me. The hospital admin put a pink dot on my wrist band to show that I was pregnant. So I got to explain over and over and over that I wasn’t really pregnant. I was in between.

My first nurse was lovely and quick. After an epic wait in the world’s smallest ER “guest room” the labs were drawn and an hour later the doctor came in with the news that my beta had gone down and was now almost half what the number was on Friday. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Beta drop! Beta drop!!

The discharge nurse was not so lovely and made it VERY clear that she found assisted reproduction to be “messing with God’s plan”. I just let her prattle on and sighed huge sighs of relief that FINALLY my body was letting go. Finally I could move on.

I get back to Philly early tomorrow morning and after dropping Mom off at work I will head back to my clinic for more blood work.

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