sunglasses on a super shuddleI landed in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon and then took a shuttle to where I am staying in Burbank. It was beyond surreal to weave around traffic from the back of a crowded van and watch the world that I once lived in almost ten years ago zoom by. Oh! There is my old apartment! Oh there is that coffee shop I loved! Oh there is the car wash place where I had to have my boss’s car detailed once a month.

Memories. You don’t realize they are packed away up in your noggin until you get randomly weepy about a one block radius of Ventura Blvd.

I got myself all stressed out about getting bloodwork while I am here. I was even all tense on the airplane worried that every ripple of turbulence would cause a disturbance in my insides. Once I made it to the wifi on my hotel I did some searching and found a lab about a mile away from where I am staying.

They don’t have any appointments for Saturday but I was able to get a late afternoon appointment for today. I got their fax number, called my clinic this morning and passed on the information, and the clinic just called back to say that they faxed my order and got confirmation that it went through. Just having done that makes me feel relieved. In control.

HA HA HA HA HA. In control. I hope you all had a good chuckle over that.

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