speaking at blogherThere really are no words to describe the moment when your e-mail dings and you discover that something you have written is going to get to be shared, on a stage, to many many many people.

Yesterday I found out that a post from my blog was selected to be a BlogHer Voice of the year piece read during the community keynote. This conference is incredibly important to me and represents a turning point in how I approach blogging. The community keynote is my favorite part of the conference. I love watching the written word become the spoken word. I love hearing the voices of the writers that I read. I love the zing of the emotions from thousands of women experiencing a life story from the person that lived it.

This year I will get to stand on stage and tell my story. I will be the living, breathing, human person stepping out of the computer and trying to connect in a way that can only happen in real life. I am excited, nervous, proud, humbled, giddy, and honored.

If you are going to the conference please let me know. If you are on the fence about going and want me to beg you to come let me know. (I totally will!) If you have any ideas about what the heck I should wear (obvious answer being plaid) please let me know.

Check out the list of VOTY honorees and readers this year.

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