stuffed animals in bedLife is infinitely more wonderful with this guy in my life. Each WTF moment, each panic attack, each OMG vanishes the moment I look at W.

He is in a fantastic creative phase right now. He has just locked down some shapes and so every day he delights in telling me, “MOM! It’s a triangle over there!” or “I am feeling very octagon.” He plays differently – trucks and vehicles now have feelings and conversations. {after smashing a collection of construction vehicles into each other W will pause and ask, “Bulldozer! Are you ok? I will help you!”}

He is quick to laugh, quick to try to make me laugh, quick to collapse on the floor in tears if things do not go according to plan. He loves stories so much right now and he likes to talk about what happens after we close the book. This morning he asked me what the morning is like for the construction site that we say good night to every night. “What does cement truck mixer eat for breakfast?”

twitter screen grab

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