seriously i can't do anything rightWell you know things are going to be interesting when you pick up the call from the clinic and two RE’s are on the other end of the phone. The call started with a brisk, “who told you to stop taking your meds?” I stammered for a moment and the doctor continued, “For lack of a better word, your bloodwork is really weird.”


I explained that I was told I could stop the meds or continue the meds but regardless things were not viable. She sighed and said that explained why my progesterone plummeted. She then said that my beta increased to 498 and she had no idea if this was a continuous increase or if it had risen and this was a number going down. She said it was not a number that jived with me being on day four of heavy bleeding.

Her thinking is that this is either something going down or something being tricky. Tricky was defined by her saying this might be something not in my uterus. She wants me to come back in for bloodwork on Saturday and based on those results she will most likely have me come back on Monday for The Shot (aka methotrexate).

I remember saying, all casual like, “sounds like a plan!” and hanging up the phone. I called out to W, who was pushing an empty swing in the bustling school playground, and we headed home. On the drive home I smacked myself – why didn’t I just ask to come in tomorrow and get The Shot? This is not a going anywhere fun situation and I seriously want to move on. Why prolong things?

I called the clinic and waited on hold for most of the way home to speak to the RE only to be told that she was not available and to call back tomorrow. Which I will. But oooooph.

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