You ever get an idea in your head and you just KNOW someone else has thought of it so you take yourself to the interwebs and get your google on ready to BUY only to discover that there is nothing out there like what you want? Yeah. That happened to me this week.

It started because I wanted to have a bluetooth speaker in my car for this navigation app I use and love. I soon realized that I needed a phone pocket. (@waze for anyone looking for such a thing)

I know that there are all kinds of gizmos out there that will hold your phone for you. They all require suction cups or air vent access and it’s just not what I am after. I want a sleeve, a pocket, a thingamabob that I can safely put my iphone in ON my sunvisor next to my new speaker. Something with the mic towards my face so that it will pick up my voice. Something that will keep me from the dangerous habit of holding my phone at my face (but not at my ear).

I found this car kleenex holder on etsy and that sort of begins to capture what I want. But then I want there to be a groovy (and obviously plaid) iphone case situation. And of course a clear front so that I can see and press end call.

I created a sketch in case I am not explaining this very well.
cell phone on sun visor

Are you crafty? Can you make this? Have you seen something like this for sale?

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