Ok so fine. YES I have been testing. Often. And getting sad because things have been alabaster. Stark white. Which meant my hope sails were swiftly sinking and I was bracing myself for the super sized sad. I got a nice test with my W pregnancy at 8dp3dt (eight days passed a three day transfer, for those not used to the techie terms). So OBVIOUSLY that is what I was looking to nab this go around. So I probably took 5 tests on Saturday. All negative.

Sunday morning I tested and if I maybe held it in the light and tilted it and squinted there was a hint of a maybe. Obviously I ran it through the photo apps on my phone and once I did that there was totally something.

But a squinter does not bring the calm.

This morning I woke up at 3am to pee and because I am well trained I essentially tested in my sleep. That test? Well I think you can see something without squinting.

THIS? This testing part? I suck at it. Big time. Twice I have tested positive after a transfer. The first time was my miscarriage and the 2nd time is currently having a monster truck rally with firetrucks in the den.

Beta is tomorrow so that is really all I am focusing on right now. But since I can’t go into that without dumping all of my early testing madness at you here are the tests.

processed 9dp3dt


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