beautiful peony1. My peonies are beginning to bloom and they are jaw-droppingly stunning
2. W tests boundaries every 3 minutes
3. I have lots of work on my plate (and some of it is design so that is particularly satisfying)
4. OMG what is going to happen on the finale of Smash???
5. Listen to Your Mother show is TOMORROW. So much to do to make it smooth and wonderful experience for our cast.
6. I found a stash of mixed cd’s from lifetimes ago. Portishead, Luscious Jackson, New Pornographers…oh hello old friends!
7. The cheapie test strips I ordered arrived earlier than anticipated so of course I had to start testing stupid early. Quality control and all that shit. (DO NOT MOCK ME FOR MY INSANITY.)
8. A really good friend is wading through some awful and murky water. It is so hard to be so far away from people you love with all you want to do is hug them and spoon feed them m&m’s.
9. I am going to California in a few weeks for work. I really want to reach out to old friends from my California days but it feels so long ago and I am worried no one will respond.
10. It is warmer than I would like it to be. Being irritated about that is moderately distracting.


This is your chance to ask me stuff and in an effort to distract me from my brain I will do my best to answer you.

So…what do you want to know?

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