smelling rosesOur navy car is now yellow, thanks to the great pollination situation that is happening in the Northeast. As we climbed into the car this morning W got pollen on his leg and exclaimed, “What’s this STUFF?!” This, obviously, prompted a science lesson about flowers and bees. Which then brought us to the “baby seeds”. I think it went pretty well, except W might think I am trying to grow tulips or roses in my belly.

Yesterday I went back to the clinic for my 3 days after transfer blood work and ultrasound. I also had to get a lupron booster as part of my doctor’s new IVF/FET protocol. (so far all I have gleaned about this booster is that it gives sparkles and sunshine to your lining…or something like that.)

I heard back early in the afternoon that my labs were all in the good range (whatever THAT means…ok, actually it means the opposite of bad, so I will take it) and my lining was lovely. Go lady town!

This week is going to be fantastically busy and attention diverting as Friday evening is the Philly Listen to Your Mother show! We are going over lists, checking things twice (and then a hundred times more) and willing and hoping for a wonderful evening.

So what’s going on with you?


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