injecting PIOIn 2007 I asked you guys to walk me through giving myself PIO (progesterone in oil) shots in my rump. As usual ya’ll did not let me down and the comments from that PIO post are quite kick ass. (HA! See what I did there?)

I later found out that a good number of folks were hitting google up for similar advice and landing on that post. So I wrote an ultimate PIO how-to (well, at least how I did it for 20 weeks).

This morning I found myself staring at the scary end of a needle and in a small flop sweat about starting the PIO fun up again. My clinic wanted me to start on 1cc of PIO today (before noon) and then starting tomorrow rock it with 2cc’s. It’s one thing to write down the instructions but an entirely different thing to act on them.

So I had a backup plan. If I couldn’t woman up to give myself my own injection by myself then I would shuffle over to Cecily’s house and ask her to help. Mom also said I could come to her work this morning and she would do it. So no matter what the injection was going to happen.

I totally had to google which needle to use.

I took a deep breath, watched in suspended emotions as I plunged the needle into a magic freckle on my ass (you do know if you inject in a freckle it doesn’t hurt), and then pushed the PIO in. Pulling the needle out I paused, remembering the few times that I created a crime show.

But I did it. It’s done. Just 20 more weeks of it.

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