Not blogging for a stretch of time is always incredibly difficult for me. These past few days have been all over the place. Last Friday I became incapacitated by one of the worst migraines I have ever known. I was overcome with pain and it was so bad I do what I sadly always do when pain overwhelms me: I vomit. Which totally dehydrated me and added to the awful migraine sending the pain level to 11.

It was bad.

Saturday I pushed through the pain and had our rehearsal for the Philly production of Listen to Your Mother. (seriously – if you are going to be in Philly on May 11th you TOTALLY want to come. Link to tickets is in the sidebar.) The cast is beyond inspiring. I feel so happy that for a show focused on Motherhood we have a super honest reflection of what that is. There are pieces about trying to get pregnant, tragedy in birth, joy in birth, rising above neglectful parenting, being a first mother, parenting your mother… I can not wait for a live audience to see it.

Sunday I kept still, working to keep the migraine monster away. The highlight of the day was introducing W to the movie Wall-E. Now he has another robot movie to love (after Iron Giant).

red sofa uterine lining

This morning I had an ultrasound and lab work at the clinic. Oh riiiiiight, remember how I am trying to make another baby? FET’s are so incredibly different from other trying cycles. If there wasn’t the random bonus stress from the clinic about paperwork mishmash I would have been utterly zen about everything.

I kept my plaid boots on during the scan. I needed to feel kick ass. I needed the confidence that looking down at my plaid covered feet would bring. I am on cd 15 and so ready to get cracking on the next phase of things.

The tech did a thorough scan (ahem) of my lining and declared it triple stripe – which, for those that do not know, is the penultimate, the gold medal, the high-five kind of lining one wants at this stage of the game. I knew not to exhale until I got the call from the clinic with my blood lab results.

Just a few minutes ago I got The Call.

We are a go, people! Embryo transfer is scheduled for Friday.

(I will know exact time after embryology calls me tomorrow morning).

Tomorrow begins the next wave of medications: antibiotics and steroids in the morning, progesterone in oil before noon, and progesterone rockets in the evening. Wednesday I increase the amount of progesterone in oil to 2 cc’s and do a rocket in the morning and the evening. I also will continue to take estrace 3 x a day.

I am excited, hopeful, ready. Let’s do this!

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