women in tech phillyI am taking a time out from my scheduled anxiety about all that other stuff to really enjoy & embrace today’s Women in Tech conference in Philadelphia. It’s always a wonderful recharge to be surrounded by other people passionate about the same things as you, but it is profoundly more exciting that this group is all women.

The panels have been great and have featured several inspirational women (my dear friend Lynette included). After lunch the CEO of the company Cecily & I work for is going to make a big announcement. (here’s a hint – the beta is now LIVE! If you need help in getting your home life managed you should absolutely check it out.)

One of the interesting questions being asked here is, “at what point are you a woman in technology?”

It took a while for me to get that I was a tech person. I began to claim myself as a designer several years ago, but when I realized that I thrived and enjoyed in a task like creating a website I knew I was part of the tech tribe.

What about you? Do you consider yourself a tech person?

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