uncharted waters of infertilitySo, um, yeah, got a call from the clinic this morning and turns out that they really would like to have a copy of the letter that I gave them FIVE YEARS AGO. And yes they do see the note in my chart from 2007 that says I have been medically cleared. And yes the IVF doctor remembers the letter. But they just can’t put their hands on it.


I am pretty sure I have a chunk of files in a place in my desk. And I am very hopeful that this letter is there.

Just in case, you know, for a backup plan, I called the liver doctor in Florida to see if they could come up with the letter. The nurse did a search and found me in their system but because I have not been treated by the doctor in over three years all of my files have been moved off site. They can make a copy of my chart and get it to me but that will take between 2 and 3 weeks to order and process.

This is just annoying at this point. Seriously. At the end of the day, if I can’t find the letter, I am prepared to get, what is the right word here, insistent?, that my cycle not be delayed because of this paperwork situation.


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