picking up fertility meds
So remember last month how my lining was kind of thick at my baseline ultrasound? Oh and remember that time in 2007 when the lab called me to tell me that I tested positive for Hep C?

Right. Second verse, just a bit too close to the first.

I had my baseline scan on Tuesday and while it was not as thick as my baseline from last month it wasn’t ideal. But the clinic was very “no biggie” about it and just asked me to come back early this morning for a repeat scan. My cycle this month has been just fine and normal (unlike last month where it was obviously wonky to me) so I promise I was not as OMFG when they asked me to come back today as you might imagine.

The tech today reviewed my lining notes from Tuesday and before she began (boing!) she said, “so we are just wanting things to be going down and not staying the same or going up.” I looked up at the popcorn ceiling and exhaled. It will either be fine or it will not be fine. Nothing I can do about t. At all.

Fortunately the lining has gone down and the tech said all things look like a go…but obviously I wouldn’t know for SURE until I got a call later this afternoon. I left the clinic in a good mood, a positive mood, and walked across the parking lot to the fertility medicine pharmacy to pick up my progesterone rockets and PIO.

I got to the coffee shop an hour later and started catching up on work. (have I mentioned that the brand spanking new version of the startup web app that I work for is launching THIS WEEKEND??!!) I was elbow deep in e-mails when my phone rang. The Clinic.

I was expecting it to be one of the IVF nurses giving me good news. I was not expecting a call from their labs telling me that there might be a delay to my cycle because I tested positive for Hep C. OH MY FUCKING…seriously?

Oh hello 2007. We meet again.

I explained to the lab tech that, yes I am sure that I DID test positive. Thanks to the clinic I learned in 2007 that I will always test positive because I have the antibody for Hep C. This is a hereditary thing and more common than you might think. The test most labs administer is only a + or – test. On that test I will always show +. But on the test that tells you, essentially, how much Hep C you have I have 0.00%.

I went through WAY WAY WAY too much hell in 2007 to let this curb me again.

Obviously I explained to the clinic today that there should be a LOT of information in my file about this. I said there should be a letter from a liver specialist that will explain everything. She was very kind on the phone and said she would go through my file and let me know if she found the letter – and that she would call me back either way.

Twenty minutes later I get a call back. She can’t find the letter but she spoke with my IVF doctor and she remembered everything about my case. Yup. It was that big of a deal.

She is going to see if the letter got mis-filed in the donor egg world and meanwhile I am going to tear apart my files at home to find my copy. (oh irony that I now work for an online organizer that would have had ALL of this stuff at the ready for me…)

So now I wait. I wait for the official call about my lining and I wait to see what the heck I need to do about this antibody stuff. I suppose it wouldn’t be a normal trying cycle for me if there weren’t hurdles to leap over.

All hand holding sincerely appreciated.

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