turning 3W asks every morning when it is “his turn” again for a birthday. He also goes into an epic whimper when hearing it is someone else’s birthday. Today is one of his teacher’s birthdays and this weekend we will be going to a birthday party for a friend of his from school. His response? “It’s MY birthday too!” This is usually followed up with, “the birthday fairy is coming with presents for ME!”

Oh The Birthday Fairy. He attached to that mystical creature swiftly. Finding out that your birthday doesn’t happen every day is a tough one. I usually start talking about all of the cool things The Birthday Fairy brought him and that calms things down.

He has been three for one week.

Obviously it has been a transition for us. I am reading 1-2-3 Magic and sort of squinting at it. I like the idea of the counting and the warnings, but some of the other stuff in the book makes me cringe. I will be checking out the other suggestions you guys have told me about.

So how about a look back on W’s 3rd birthday. (aka I finally downloaded the photos from my camera)

{Disclosure: the people from Resolve All-Stains asked me if I wanted to try out their new laundry stain remover and I said HECK YES! I totally broke the rules on the bottle and didn’t pre-treat the stains on W’s clothes. I just put the stuff on right before washing. It totally removed left in juice stains and grass stains. I was provided a bottle to review.}

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