Thank you guys for such great comments on the post about understanding three. I am mildly annoyed that none of ya’ll told me in advance that it was going to be like this. I have a few e-books to read and then I will be back to being the alpha in this parent/child relationship.

One thing that worked monday, after W refused to remain in a time out, was putting his toys in a time out. I am now considering, when time out moments happen, giving him the option of sitting in a time out OR putting his toy in a time out. His choice. Because the one thing I learned from the comments was that three is the age of needing to assert power and control.

Oh and W has decided that naps were so last week. No naps for him anymore, thankyouverymuch.

He scoffed at a nap monday and at school on tuesday his teachers informed me that he laughed when they pointed him towards his nap blanket. This is incredibly tragic for all of us because W thrives with naps. He burns his light so fiercely and strongly that he has to nap to recharge. He is all go, go, go and when he gets to the end of his go power he is a mess.

I want to pretend that it is a phase, a fleeting farce from transitioning back into school after being on a break, but enough people have warned me to expect naps to be given up. I knew this was coming.

Most of tuesday afternoon was a ballet of tip-toeing around W’s frail disposition. I am at the end of a brutal head cold so I honestly didn’t have the energy to do much. An hour or so after we came home he crawled into my lap and curled up. He rolled his head back to meet my face and pouted, “But I am not tired!”

Sure, kid. Sure.

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