If something huge, massive, amazing, awful, or important happens in your life and you tweet about it any time between 10pm and 8am it doesn’t really happen. It’s like this saying my Grandmother and Mother used to exclaim when I had a bad dream, “if you tell us about it before breakfast then it won’t come true.”

I realized this the other day when I logged on to twitter in the morning and saw that there had been hundreds of tweets since the last time I had logged on. I had a flutter for a moment – do I go back and read all of the missed tweets or do I start the day fresh? Was there an etiquette?

Obviously the only way to answer such a question is to ask people on twitter. So I did. I asked, “In the morning do you scroll through your twitter stream from the last 8 hours or just jump into current tweets?”

Here is what twitter had to say:

@Rosemarymorgan I have lists of my favourite “follows” so I can see their tweets. Saves scrolling.

@liljan98 on this account I’ll scroll down and read it all. Other account I just read recent tweets.

@MimzyWimzy depends on the day. Today I’m scrolling a bit but won’t go all the way back.

@Carabee First I look at the old stuff and start to respond and then realize its 8 hours old and then I jump to current.

@somewhatordinar I scroll through – which wastes half my morning, but I just can’t stop myself.

@powermommy last 8 hrs

@HereWeGoAJen Totally depends on how much I’ve missed. I usually go back a short page or two

@MommylandMychal I go from the page break. I don’t catch them all but I like to try.

@TalkIsPrimary I scroll through what I missed. But I am in Europe so I miss a lot of the good stuff. 😉

@danasfeast Scroll through. It’s fun to read, most mornings.

@GotLoveandaBaby scroll through the last 8 hours, while I’m feeding Isaac his bottle. #currentlydoing

@moccobabies I’m the opposite. I always cringe when I reply to tweets that are days old wondering if I’m breaking twitter etiquette…

@NotThatPregnant It depends on how many tweets there are. If the yellow line on tweet deck is longer than my screen, I skip.

What happens when a tree falls overnight in your twitter stream?

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photo credit: magnusvk via photopin cc

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