being threeEveryone is quick to talk about the terrible twos. The day W turned two I was given lots of sympathetic looks. I braced myself for horrible. It never really happened. Sure there were tantrums and episodes and moments where I was overwhelmed with his behavior, but for the most part I was thrilled that W was more verbal and able to communicate better.

Then he turned three.

Words to describe three so far: aggressive, uncommunicative, relentless, extreme, rejective, LOUD.

It has been exhausting to keep up with this new W. I don’t understand him at all. I know that part of this age is testing boundaries and limits but this weekend has made me painfully aware that I do not have a handle on how to best parent him through this.

My friend Amy told me about the book 1,2,3 Magic and I am going to check that out – but I figured I would ask you guys too: What do you do with a child that will no longer sit in time out, thrashes and kicks, and is a countdown to an explosion at all times? I know this is for ME to work through so I am open to hearing any sage wisdom and advice.

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