embryo for FETLast night I realized that I never wrote and shared with you W’s interesting birth story. Many of you know how he was conceived but other than alluding to an adventure of surgical proportions the details of his birth have been something I have kept to myself. Now he is three. THREE!

My due date for W was April 2nd. Something that I took great advantage of on April 1st. I was enduring some pretty uncomfortable and “we need to keep an eye on this” edema so my OB had let me know that once we passed W’s due date we should start seriously thinking about induction plans.

My induction date was April 9th. I was FREAKED out. I heard so many stories about how painful an induced birth can be and I didn’t want pain to be a factor in any part of my birth plan. I told my OB that when I got to the hospital on April 9th that I would like pain meds at the same time as the pitocin.

On April 5th I started looking on line for ways to bring on labor. I printed out some how-to’s about acupressure and pleaded with Mom to mash on the indicated spots on the back of my calves and on my ankles. It was good to be proactive and ya’ll know I like to DO things. Mom started mashing on the points and it did not feel good. At all. So we stopped.

And then my water broke.

Or did it?

No doubt something funky was going on. Seriously WTF-ville was coming out of me. I called the hospital and said I think my water broke but I don’t know. I then described the funky and they said, “oh. That sounds like meconium. You need to get here asap.” My one giant regret of W’s birth story is that I then asked (ASKED!) if I could take a quick shower and when the nurse said no – that there was no time- I listened to her. I bitched about not taking that shower non stop. (and look! I still am.)

We went to the emergency section of labor & delivery and I was hooked up to lots of gizmos. There was then the test to make sure that my water had actually broken. Yup. It had. I was then told that there was a ticking clock. The fear was that W would inhale the meconium. There was no NICU at the hospital so if that happened W would have to be airlifted to the nearest NICU.


I was given pitocin and I began to labor. I labored all through the night. It sucked. In the morning W’s heart went into distress and the doctors realized that ever time I had a contraction his heart stopped. I was told to stop pushing and to get ready for a c-section.

I think I might not be in the norm here, but I did not have any sort of attachment for HOW W came into the world. When asked what my birth plan was I simply said, “I want an alive, take home baby.” So my plan was basically: give birth. And if he needed to come out ASAP via a c-section then let’s do it.

The c-section was not fun. The entire time during the procedure I was told to prepare myself that W would need to be taken to a different hospital. I appointed Mother as his “person” so that she could go with him. When W was brought into the world time stopped, the world froze. Was he ok? Was he breathing? Had he breathed in the meconium?

In the afternoon of April 6, 2009 my healthy and beautiful and perfect baby boy arrived.There was no emergency air-lifting, no need for a NICU. We were incredibly blessed and lucky.

Today W is three! I have never been more in love.

Three+ years of celebrating W days

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