• I have a sweepstakes going on with BlogHer and it is easy peasy to enter. Have you done it?

• The In Times Like These series will be back starting next week with a super powerful guest post. Do you have a story to share or do know someone with something to say about food stamps or public assistance? I’d be honored to host your story within my series. (you can contact me directly by clicking the e-mail link up over there under my photo)

• In a few short weeks the start up that I work for will be releasing invites for our free web app that will totally make it fun to get organized. Seriously. See the Super Hero people in my footer? Click that to sign up for an invite!

• W is having an amazing birthday so far. He woke up to a giant mixer truck that the birthday fairy* left for him. He then had a super fun playdate with one of his favorite friends and now he is (FINALLY) napping so that he will be chill-ish for the continuation of fun this afternoon. (We are going to ride the regional rail train to 30th street station!!)

• I am going to attempt to make plaid Easter eggs tomorrow.

• I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

* The “birthday fairy” is an iconic figure in our house that I made up. I have fantastic memories of traditions that my family created for me on my birthday so I wanted to do something special for W. As we talked about his birthday and W would suggest presents that he would like to receive I would reply, “well we better let the birthday fairy know”. A few weeks ago he dictated a letter to the birthday fairy with his wish list. This morning, when W opened the door to his room, the number one thing on his list (a mixer) was there waiting for him. He exclaimed, “it’s from the birthday fairy!” And now I am excited to continue this tradition for as long as he will allow it.

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