captain adorableJust one more week until Captain Adorable turns three. THREE. I can not imagine my life without him in it. That being said there has been a very clear shift in personality in the last couple of weeks. It has been shocking in some moments to see him act or behave in a way that feels so UN him. And yet, of course it is him.

I know that part of his job of growing up is to test everything, try all things, refuse all things, jump off anything that he can reach. Trying to keep my cool as he screams nooooooooooooooo has been my problem more than his. I think he is just kind of annoyed by a lot of stuff now because as much as he will proclaim and yell that he can “do it myself” he really can’t. Not yet. He’s close. But close is a mothertrucker when you are almost three.

In between the brilliant fits of emotional ebbs and flows he is pretty close to fantastic.

Here is a short video demonstrating his cat-like skills:

{confession of the day: I might have purchased a super cheap blu-ray player JUST so I can get & watch the special edition release of The Muppet Movie…}

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