balloon animalThe saline sonogram was every bit as unpleasant as I remembered it. It was made even more unfun because they did the test twice yesterday. The first time with a full bladder, the second with an empty bladder. There was even that heart stop moment when the doctor said, “I really want to take my time with this because I think I see something in there.”

So with a full bladder I dashed, pantless, from the procedure room to the restroom, and repeated, “it’s nothing, it’s nothing, it’s nothing…”

For once my mind control worked and with the second saline sonogram the doctor sighed with relief (we all did) that what she thought she saw was nothing. In fact I have a rather in tact and fine-looking uterus for someone who had an emergency C-section. Way to go team of doctors in Florida! {I will toast them in a few days when we celebrate W’s third birthday.}

Not sure how many of you have ever punched the saline sonogram ticket in life so here is a bit of a walk through:
1. Begin taking antibiotics in advance
2. Arrive at clinic with a full bladder (ahem…)
3. A speculum cranks open the garage of your lady town
4. A balloon tipped catheter is inserted into your hot pocket with a transvaginal wand chaser
5. Saline is flooded into your uterus
6. The balloon on the catheter is inflated
7. A tech begins capturing sono images of the cul de sac* of your uterine cavity
8. All the gynecological goodies are removed from your insides and a grand rapid of saline wooshes out
9. A tech presents you with a jumbo pad
10. Put your pants back on

*Your fun female fact of the day: It really IS called the cul-de-sac. Well to be more specific the area is called the Douglas cul-de-sac.

After I put my pants on the doctor went over the images of the sonogram with me – including the best news that all looks good. She thinks my thick lining this cycle is a fluke, it happens, and she is not alarmed. Instead she wanted to get proactive and I loved that.

Here is the plan: I am now back on estrace (estrogen) twice a day. On cycle day 18 I will take progesterone (and continue with the estrogen). On cycle day 28* I am to stop all medication and stand by for a serious period.

Because of my thyroid disease I had to chuckle at the idea of reaching a cycle day 28. I explained to the doctor that is a number I never see. Her response, “Oh you will with this plan”.

On my next cycle day 2 or 3 I go back in for a lining check and assuming all things are at the levels they should be I will be cleared for the FET. And of course THAT will be smooth sailing and stress free. (OBVIOUSLY)

photo credit: canopic via photopin cc

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