pink tulip treeYesterday morning I had blood work and a baseline ultrasound done at the Northeast Clinic. Yes. It was the first day of Spring and the first day of this FET cycle. Obviously I am not making that connection be magic or something. (that was a lie, but you knew that)

Even though I have been to the Northeast clinic twice recently and both visits included those fun-time invasive exams, I still was all fumbles and “where do I stand??” at the cattle call. Oh I should side note and remind you that the Northeast clinic is a revolving door of people shuffling from one lab room to the next. There is something oddly soothing about being part of a crowd that is all striving and working towards the same huge event.

So Tuesday morning I stood in line for blood work for 15 minutes. I was called in and sat down with my arm extended (as one does) and the nurse looked at me expectantly.

Nurse: Where’s your paperwork?
Me: What paperwork?
Nurse: How do I know who you are? What you need? PAPERWORK.
Me: Oh. Right. Where do I get that again???


The ultrasound tech who had told me almost 4 years ago that I was too tall for her (seriously) was all chatty and charming and ever so informative about how all of the furniture in my lady town apartments got rearranged after W’s C-Section. My uterus is now over here and my right ovary is up there. (because you needed to know that)

The tech also went on a very amusing tangent about frozen embryos and how they are all twins and isn’t that really exciting?????????!!!!! um. Sure. yay science!

{side note – if anyone of ya’ll has any doubts about the unpleasantness of a transvaginal ultrasound let me just tell you – it’s not fun.}

Later yesterday afternoon while W was on a playdate I got a call from the clinic with the yay or nay for a cycle. Obviously the 1st paragraph was a spoiler alert because I am a yay. I begin estradiol tonight and then gradually increase the dose. Saturday I have more blood work and another ultrasound. Then it is more increasing of the estradiol. (working up to 3 x day orally and 1 x a day in the you know where) (yes) On April 2nd I go in for a check of the lining. I will be cycle day 14 then – which in laywomen’s terms means I’ll be in ovulation territory.

Which means my embryo transfer will most likely be April 3, 4 or 5th. FREAK OUT time will begin around April 11th.

I am sharing all of that with you so that you will know that there might be some moments of panic and fear going on down the road. Prepare accordingly.

It feels so surreal to be back on the train again. Surreal and wonderful.

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